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Oh hi.

This is a game about how hard it is to be alive. Maybe that is not your cup of coffee?

You have work to do. Well, I do. But I am not doing it. This is where you can help. You have to help me get my act together. That is the game.

The game is short, and it's dangerous, because you can lose even if you don't want to. You can win, too. Can you confront inaction in the face of reluctance?

I am a bad salesman.


  • Over 1200 jokes! Seriously. It was a bad choice.
  • Multiple endings to fit an ambiguous world.
  • Hesitation as a gameplay mechanic! Does that give you pause?
  • Overly personal facts about the creator buried deep inside! Can you collect 'em all?

If you actually end up playing it, you can vote for this game on Steam Greenlight, for fun. If you like it, I guess.

V 0.9 Update

  • You couldn't do a thing you weren't supposed to do. Now you can.
  • More/fewer jokes.
  • Asset-complete, like a real technical term.
  • Impending sense of dread.
StatusIn development
Release date Mar 13, 2016
AuthorFr. Eckle Studios
Tagsagency, birthday, indecision
Average sessionAbout a half-hour
LinksSteam Greenlight

Install instructions

This game is a cinch to install! It's just an .exe and some config stuff if you want to fiddle with that. Should be simpleasy! Just download, extract, and click the cake.


I Don't Want to Do That: a birthday present 60 MB

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